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Hot Runner Tips and Moulds

D-M-E’s Polivalve Multi-Use Valve Gate Hot Runner System helps molders overcome the challenges associated with special shapes or multi-cavity parts where the volume of melt can differ significantly. The system enables easy injection flow in simultaneous or sequential filling to create parts with unusual, complex or hard-to-fill geometries or varying volumes. It also allows processors to mold multiple parts in different shapes and sizes, all in one cycle.

Polivalve features a bodiless tip, good for cosmetic applications and those requiring zero gate vestige, eliminating the need for secondary trimming operations and reducing overall costs to manufacture. New Integrity temperature controls will also be introduced at K by D-M-E, that provide a practical, affordable solution to the most demanding mold requirements.

New modules, mainframe, cabling and communications enable control of hundreds of zones and the most complex hot runners. Integrity’s patented slaving capabilities allow molders to offset the slaved zone from the master zone accurately and quickly. When a thermocouple fails, the failed zones slave to other similar zones (such as another nozzle) and can be adjusted if needed to slightly hotter or cooler temperatures than the master zone.

The Integrity is half the size of other temperature controls, and the module design simplifies control engineering and assembly time, while allowing easy expansion and fast reconfiguration later as needs change. Integrity measures both electrical current and line voltage, calculating the resistance of the heater and the output power, which means better problem recognition and correction on the plant floor. D-M-E, Stand 1F08.