SPM - Automatic Forming MachinesSPM - Automatic Forming Machines

The machine is designed for producing all shapes of plastic products, such as food containers, lunch boxes, trays, boxes, plates, dishes, lids, bowls and other similar disposal and recycle packages.

The sheet materials for the machine are various, such as PP, PET, PVC, HIPS, Starch-degradation sheets, Environmental sheets, Fabric-coated sheets and other colorful sheets.

The XC series adopts advance intellectual temperature control system, which could guarantee the best heating result of sheet materials and could improve the quality of finished products.

Our machine combined with advance structure, such as accurate feeding-in inverter, step less mould adjust device, auto-temperature control, far-infrared heaters, air-cooling and air sprayer devices, water-cooling plate buried in the mould, PLC micro-computer control, HMI controller and so on.

Thermoforming is the process of heating and forming many of today’s modern plastic materials into highly useful and cost effective packaging solutions such as, clear plastic, Clamshell Packaging, Disposable Trays, Blister Packaging or colorful POP “point of purchase” displays.

Our goal is to deliver the best “total value” when it comes to Quality, Custom, Formed Plastic Packaging. At FormTex we don’t just form plastics. We work hard to form honest, long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our truly valued customers